What's a Tesla Crystal? Posted on 1 Aug 12:03

What is a Tesla Crystal?

Nicola Tesla believed that all the energy we needed was already available to us in nature. He believed that we should be able to share that energy with each other. Nevalite® is energy you can share.

If you break it all down, the universe is a swirling pot of polarized energy. It’s always flowing, an ocean filled with currents of positive or negatively charged energies. It includes all matter. We are living creatures made of this energy, all life is.

So interesting, just like in The Star Trek Enterprise Sick Bay that we often are diagnosed with Electrical devices Like EEG, (for the Brain and Nerves) EMG, ( for the firing of the muscles) EKG, (the Heart) even an MRI is measured magnetic resonance. How do they bring you back to life if you have a major heart Attack? Right, a Defibrillator. Which is also Electrical energy.

So if we are all diagnosed with energy, brought back to life with energy, why are you not being treated with energy just like Bones does to Captain Kirk and his crew?

Because you don’t know about it. You are indoctrinated into thinking pills are the panacea of all that ails you. That never ending, never vanishing and all encompassing energy that is you is guided by a mass hypnosis that pills are the answer and the ideas of The Creators of Star Trek are pure fantasy. We think Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, just like H. G Wells saw into the future and the future is now!

Physics based energy technologies that promote the body's ability to heal itself are available today!

Just like the dilithium crystals that power The Starship Enterprise there are crystals that can help power your body.



Tesla Crystals are any crystal that can send and receive frequencies of energy which are a benefit to an ecological system. The exchange of frequencies happen naturally enhanced with or without the aide of machinery or additional energy sources.

There are also intelligent devices that deliver a minute current of energy that combines ancient healing knowledge and missile guidance chip technology. Your body is one big capacitor with 50 billion little capacitors. Cells lacking in energy create impedance in your electrical system resulting in inflammation. Your immune system is based on your bodies ability to hold a charge. Infusing energy into the body can return it to its normal electrical capacitance.  Introducing micro currents of energy breaks down the resistance and impedance of energy flow restoring electrical homeostasis in the body.  It strengthens the  body’s ability to continue to make healthier and stronger cells.

You are Energy before you are biochemical.  Put the right energy in the body and a better biochemical reaction follows, enhancing a two way communication until perfect electrically homeostasis is obtained. With out this energy healing cannot occur. Simple herbs like spearmint, Tesla Crystals like Nevalite® and the latest technological devices can send controlled energy bursts into your body are available to the consumer today!

From remedies that have been around for 1000s of years to those that are recent discoveries use energy to heal are available to you for less than what you would pay a medical doctor for remedies that treat symptoms instead of providing the energy your body needs to heal itself.

“In crystal we have a pure evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and although in spite of everything we cannot understand the life of crystals – it is still a living being.” (Nikola Tesla, 1900)

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