ALL Nevalite® Pure Montmorillonite Clay Products

We have a wide array of products for the many ways that Pure White Montmorillonite Clay crystal can benefit your health. From milled and raw forms, toothpastes and spa treatments, Pure White Montmorillonite Clay and its far infrared light energy can help! And check out our Recipes and our blog for more ideas of for ways to use it!

We offer both raw and milled forms of Nevalite Pure Montmorillonite crystal clay, for different uses and preferences. 

BEST DEAL! - Raw Nevalite Montmorillonite Clay comes in the same form that it comes out of the mine in: clay crystal form. This has had no processing whatsoever. But once water is added to it, it softens immediately, just as the milled form does. The particle size is not as fine as the milled Montmorillonite clay.  It is cheaper per pound, since there is no added cost to mill it. 

Milled Nevalite Montmorillonite Clay has been milled to a 300 mesh fine powder, which is perfect for use as tooth pastes, nasal sprays, cosmetics, and other products requiring a smooth texture.

Energize all of your existing products and regimen with a small amount of White Montmorillonite Clay! Or make countless products with it!

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