Raw White Montmorillonite Clay Crystals - 16 oz Pouch

$ 20.00

Experience the Healing Power of Far Infrared in a clay! This is the real living healing clay1

Energize all of your existing products and regimen with a small amount of White Montmorillonite Clay! Or make countless products with it!

Raw White Montmorillonite Clay Crystals - 16 oz Pouch

The Most Economical Way to Buy the purest White Montmorillonite Clay known in the world! It is cheaper per pound, since there is no added cost to mill it.

Raw Nevalite® Pure White Montmorillonite Healing Clay comes in the same form that it comes out of the mine in: clay rock form. This has had no processing whatsoever. But once water is added to it, it softens immediately, just as the milled form does. The particle size is not as fine as the milled Pure White Montmorillonite clay.  

One pouch can make 1 year worth of Cloud Water! 

Nevalite® Pure White Montmorillonite Healing Clay is an all natural anti-inflammatory that via far infrared energy changes the water in the blood, giving it the ability to pass freely through areas of the body that are blocked because of various maladies. Combined with its ionic substitutional value, it removes harmful toxins, enhancing the body's ability to create a healthier balance between it and its environment.

Directions: To preserve its ionic energy, USE ONLY DISTILLED or reverse osmosis water without added salts or minerals.

As a poultice: mix enough pure water to create a paste or cream and apply to affected area of body and keep it wet.

As a tea: one teaspoon of Nevalite® is enough to make one cup to one gallon of tea.


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