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What is a Tesla Crystal?

Nicola Tesla believed that all the energy we needed was already available to us in nature. He believed that we should be able to share that energy with each other. Nevalite® is energy you can share.

If you break it all down, the universe is a swirling pot of polarized energy. It’s always flowing, an ocean filled with currents of positive or negatively charged energies. It includes all matter. We are living creatures made of this energy, all life is.

So interesting, just like in The Star Trek Enterprise Sick Bay that we often are diagnosed with Electrical devices Like EEG, (for the Brain and Nerves) EMG, ( for the firing of the muscles) EKG, (the Heart) even an MRI is measured magnetic resonance. How do they bring you back to life if you have a major heart Attack? Right, a Defibrillator. Which is also Electrical energy.

So if we are all diagnosed with energy, brought back to life with energy, why are you not being treated with energy just like Bones does to Captain Kirk and his crew?

Because you don’t know about it. You are indoctrinated into thinking pills are the panacea of all that ails you. That never ending, never vanishing and all encompassing energy that is you is guided by a mass hypnosis that pills are the answer and the ideas of The Creators of Star Trek are pure fantasy. We think Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, just like H. G Wells saw into the future and the future is now!

Physics based energy technologies that promote the body's ability to heal itself are available today!

Just like the dilithium crystals that power The Starship Enterprise there are crystals that can help power your body.



Tesla Crystals are any crystal that can send and receive frequencies of energy which are a benefit to an ecological system. The exchange of frequencies happen naturally enhanced with or without the aide of machinery or additional energy sources.

There are also intelligent devices that deliver a minute current of energy that combines ancient healing knowledge and missile guidance chip technology. Your body is one big capacitor with 50 billion little capacitors. Cells lacking in energy create impedance in your electrical system resulting in inflammation. Your immune system is based on your bodies ability to hold a charge. Infusing energy into the body can return it to its normal electrical capacitance.  Introducing micro currents of energy breaks down the resistance and impedance of energy flow restoring electrical homeostasis in the body.  It strengthens the  body’s ability to continue to make healthier and stronger cells.

You are Energy before you are biochemical.  Put the right energy in the body and a better biochemical reaction follows, enhancing a two way communication until perfect electrically homeostasis is obtained. With out this energy healing cannot occur. Simple herbs like spearmint, Tesla Crystals like Nevalite® and the latest technological devices can send controlled energy bursts into your body are available to the consumer today!

From remedies that have been around for 1000s of years to those that are recent discoveries use energy to heal are available to you for less than what you would pay a medical doctor for remedies that treat symptoms instead of providing the energy your body needs to heal itself.

“In crystal we have a pure evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and although in spite of everything we cannot understand the life of crystals – it is still a living being.” (Nikola Tesla, 1900)

To order go to 1308 Descanso Ave San Marcos CA 92069 760-929-9090 Nevalite® for Life!

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How does the energy from the crystal get into the body?

Your body emits energy and like a mirror the crystals sends it back. The energy reflected back to the body creates a constructive interference pattern which increases the amplitude of the wave. Think of it in terms of volume. The higher the amplitude of a sound wave the louder it is. In relation to your body, the more energy is available to move the water circulating the blood and lymph system.

Nevalite® is a vortex of a simple calcium mineral within a Tesla Crystal. Tesla Crystals are crystals with the ability to send and receive frequencies of energy wave patterns, specifically those within the frequency spectrum between 3 and 24 um. It also has a unique FWHD emission within the human back body emission of 9.4 um.

Only calcium based colloids with a content of 80% or more of a Tesla Crystal can successfully send and receive frequencies that a re capable of penetrating deep into the human body.



The formula for the Tesla Crystal in Nevalite® is

This is vital information for those who find Tesla Crystals rich in the ability to send and receive frequencies within the Far Infrared Spectrum. Tesla Crystals that are bound to minerals that interfere with incoming and outgoing energy frequencies are rendered useless to biological systems that require this type of energy to operate. This repeating formula creates a colloidal lattice which can change form depending on what it is exposed to. The more impurities, the less potential energy the crystals have.

Tesla Crystals higher in calcium keep the lattice unstable which maintains the crystals capacity for energies to remain in constant flux.

This is also referred to as cation exchange capacity, the potential for change. The calcium bond is so weak that geologists question if it even is a part of the lattice to begin with. Fortunately this weak bond gives the calcium potential to be exchanged with toxins like lead, fluoride, mercury and aflatoxins like candida imprisoning them into the jail cell of the crystal which refuses to let them go.



Nevalite® is an all natural Tesla Crystal that via far infrared emissions charges the water in the body increasing blood and lymph circulation. Combined with its ionic substitutional value which removes harmful toxins, it enhances the bodys ability to create a healthier balance between it and its environment.

We are Energy Flowing to and From Posted on 1 Aug 11:52

Much like a circuit board in a computer, blood and lymphatic capillary flow is powered by radiations of light energy from the sun. Those radiations are in the Far Infrared spectrum between 3 and 24 um. When they are injured or worn out that energy flow is disrupted causing inflammation. The primary entity responsible for circulation of that energy is water. Water infused with this energy has been proven to circulate like electricity through a circuit board. The peak back body resonance of the human body is 9.4 um because of its water content.

Frequencies emitted from machines that match or are at least within the FWHM of 10um have proven to increase circulation of blood and lymph flow resulting in many health benefits. Despite the proven health benefits these machines are costly for the average consumer. They range from $6000.00 to $35000.00 and require extensive training to use them. Individual sessions are $200 plus and many are required. So how can we take advantage of this great medical discovery without having to pay that kind of money?

Rare Crystals Found! Posted on 13 Jan 16:24

Hi Ho Tonto!

Is what Dan shouted when I asked, "Hey look down there, what's that?"

I'm Billy, I had that experience in life that I had only read about or seen in old western movies. I discovered something! Possibly something really big? I saw it first!

A shaman had told Dan that he would discover something more valuable than gold, something from an ancient civilization. We both knew that Native American Medicine Men used these crystals for healing, a subject of legend that has lead to stories like The Lone Ranger and The TV series Kung Fu.

What was in Tonto's and Quai Chang Caine's medicine bag?



There was a recent earthquake that opened up a big crack on the hillside across from our mine. From far away it looked like the side of a giant pink marshmallow with red veins in it. I took pictures of it and when I later adjusted saturation levels I noticed an erie bluish hue that I couldn't see with the naked eye. I told a famous scientist about it and he said it could be Exclusion Zone Water activated by the infrared energy from the crystals. I sent a sample to a lab and it came back 87% Montmorillonite and 13% Basanite.  And everything that I have learned up until now has lead me to believe that indeed it was a big discovery and Dan and I want to share it with you.

We discovered later that Pink Montmorillonite Crystal is the rarest of the montmorillonite's.  And knowing that mineral complexes high in montmorillonite crystal content have the highest quality and ionic energy potential.

The lab test said that the energy was higher than the White Montmorillonite we normally mine :O

That was months ago!

I just recently discovered how to take advantage of this without having it processed. I wanted to keep it natural. I wanted to keep it way from toxic energies like electrical emissions and metals from machines. And to get it to you, its destination as fresh and affordable as possible.

I discovered that if I put it into small cloth bags I could use it the same way my ancestors did. Unfortunately the only thing I don't have like our ancestors did was the freshwater that came from the sky, water touching the montmorillonite first, then the body. The closest thing I have now is distilled or reverse osmosis water. Like my Daddy told me when I was young,  don't you ever put regular tap water in the car battery! Use distilled water only. Only back when I was a kid we didn't have reverse osmosis water. And you can't let it touch metal either, it shorts out the energy.

It has to do with a loosely bonded ions that are easily exchangeable. Preserving the exchangeable ions will keep its potential for emissions within the far infrared spectrum and pull toxins like lead, mercury or even radio active metals out of your body. Fortunately for us the higher the substitutional value it retains, the more damage it does to cancer causing aflatoxins like Candida too!

What a discovery! 






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