How does the Crystals Energy get into the Body Posted on 1 Aug 12:03


How does the energy from the crystal get into the body?

Your body emits energy and like a mirror the crystals sends it back. The energy reflected back to the body creates a constructive interference pattern which increases the amplitude of the wave. Think of it in terms of volume. The higher the amplitude of a sound wave the louder it is. In relation to your body, the more energy is available to move the water circulating the blood and lymph system.

Nevalite® is a vortex of a simple calcium mineral within a Tesla Crystal. Tesla Crystals are crystals with the ability to send and receive frequencies of energy wave patterns, specifically those within the frequency spectrum between 3 and 24 um. It also has a unique FWHD emission within the human back body emission of 9.4 um.

Only calcium based colloids with a content of 80% or more of a Tesla Crystal can successfully send and receive frequencies that a re capable of penetrating deep into the human body.



The formula for the Tesla Crystal in Nevalite® is

This is vital information for those who find Tesla Crystals rich in the ability to send and receive frequencies within the Far Infrared Spectrum. Tesla Crystals that are bound to minerals that interfere with incoming and outgoing energy frequencies are rendered useless to biological systems that require this type of energy to operate. This repeating formula creates a colloidal lattice which can change form depending on what it is exposed to. The more impurities, the less potential energy the crystals have.

Tesla Crystals higher in calcium keep the lattice unstable which maintains the crystals capacity for energies to remain in constant flux.

This is also referred to as cation exchange capacity, the potential for change. The calcium bond is so weak that geologists question if it even is a part of the lattice to begin with. Fortunately this weak bond gives the calcium potential to be exchanged with toxins like lead, fluoride, mercury and aflatoxins like candida imprisoning them into the jail cell of the crystal which refuses to let them go.



Nevalite® is an all natural Tesla Crystal that via far infrared emissions charges the water in the body increasing blood and lymph circulation. Combined with its ionic substitutional value which removes harmful toxins, it enhances the bodys ability to create a healthier balance between it and its environment.