Rare Crystals Found! Posted on 13 Jan 16:24

Hi Ho Tonto!

Is what Dan shouted when I asked, "Hey look down there, what's that?"

I'm Billy, I had that experience in life that I had only read about or seen in old western movies. I discovered something! Possibly something really big? I saw it first!

A shaman had told Dan that he would discover something more valuable than gold, something from an ancient civilization. We both knew that Native American Medicine Men used these crystals for healing, a subject of legend that has lead to stories like The Lone Ranger and The TV series Kung Fu.

What was in Tonto's and Quai Chang Caine's medicine bag?



There was a recent earthquake that opened up a big crack on the hillside across from our mine. From far away it looked like the side of a giant pink marshmallow with red veins in it. I took pictures of it and when I later adjusted saturation levels I noticed an erie bluish hue that I couldn't see with the naked eye. I told a famous scientist about it and he said it could be Exclusion Zone Water activated by the infrared energy from the crystals. I sent a sample to a lab and it came back 87% Montmorillonite and 13% Basanite.  And everything that I have learned up until now has lead me to believe that indeed it was a big discovery and Dan and I want to share it with you.

We discovered later that Pink Montmorillonite Crystal is the rarest of the montmorillonite's.  And knowing that mineral complexes high in montmorillonite crystal content have the highest quality and ionic energy potential.

The lab test said that the energy was higher than the White Montmorillonite we normally mine :O

That was months ago!

I just recently discovered how to take advantage of this without having it processed. I wanted to keep it natural. I wanted to keep it way from toxic energies like electrical emissions and metals from machines. And to get it to you, its destination as fresh and affordable as possible.

I discovered that if I put it into small cloth bags I could use it the same way my ancestors did. Unfortunately the only thing I don't have like our ancestors did was the freshwater that came from the sky, water touching the montmorillonite first, then the body. The closest thing I have now is distilled or reverse osmosis water. Like my Daddy told me when I was young,  don't you ever put regular tap water in the car battery! Use distilled water only. Only back when I was a kid we didn't have reverse osmosis water. And you can't let it touch metal either, it shorts out the energy.

It has to do with a loosely bonded ions that are easily exchangeable. Preserving the exchangeable ions will keep its potential for emissions within the far infrared spectrum and pull toxins like lead, mercury or even radio active metals out of your body. Fortunately for us the higher the substitutional value it retains, the more damage it does to cancer causing aflatoxins like Candida too!

What a discovery!