The History

The Mine

Nevalite® White Montmorillonite Clay crystal is mined by hand in the high desert of Nevada, where it gets its name from. It is the purest white calcium montmorillonite clay known in the world.

There are other clays in the region that have some health benefits, but much of the reason for their limited benefits, is due to its small percentage of montmorillonite clay in those clays. But they do not come close to the resonating power exhibited by  Nevalite® White Montmorillonite Clay crystal, which demonstrates far infrared light energy, the part of the invisible light spectrum called the "life spectrum". 


The History of Ingesting and Using Clay

Many cultures have used clays in small amounts as part of a daily diet.
Traditionally many indigenous tribes utilize clayish water to prevent upset stomachs by dipping their food in clay solution while eating. (Today the main ingredient in Pepto-Bismol (bismuth) and Kaopectate is clay (kaolin)).

And in some parts of the world, clay particles naturally deposit in the local water supply (such as the area where the Hunzakuts live in Pakistan) have been consumed daily for a lifetime. People who live their entire lives in a location such as this live very long healthy lives with the clay particles being one factor.


The History of White Montmorillonite Clay

 As with anything of value, the history of this mine and its rare clay crystal is steeped with mystery, legends, intrigue and even danger, due to Nevalite® White Montmorillonite clay's purported abilities as a catalyst for healing.  


A Legend in His Own Right

The Owner - Dan Golden

Dan Golden, since childhood believed that you make your own luck. Many of Dan's friends have said that Dan is the luckiest man they have ever met. He simply describes his luck as having both passion in his endeavors and being at the right place at the right time and knowing it. Dan got his first lucky break in 1967 after voluntarily enlisting in the military to peruse his passion, telephony. He trained in microwave and telecommunications and was stationed in Heidelberg Germany instead of Viet Nam.

After that, his next break allowed him to continue his passion employed by Pacific Bell Telephone on a dedicated crew for MGM studios. Following his passion for collecting antique telephones he quickly became the preferred source providing movie producers with vintage telephones for movie productions, a reputation he still enjoys today.

After deregulation, he left Pacific Bell Telephone and purchased a small antique and business telephone repair and installation business.

His experience and eye for detail  featured him on the popular TV show Pawn Stars. He provided telephone props for the Ben Affleck's film Argo, and most recently for the 2018 movie, BackSeat with Christian Bale.

Dan believes his next break occurred one day observing his employee mixing a powder into his drinking water. It turned out to be White Montmorillonite from a mine owned by the employees family. After using the mineral on himself and family, Dan could not believe that he had never heard of it.  

After researching the uses for Nevalite®, he found the answers to be astonishing. It was used for sunburn, open wounds, it made water safe to drink, for upset stomach, improved eye sight, for gout, for acne and psoriasis, arthritis, shingles, improved sex drive and made older men feel younger. After hearing the story of the mine and previous owner, he decided to purchase the mining rights and distribute its contents.

Providing Nevalite® white montmorillonite clay as an ingredient for products in home & garden, pet care, cosmetics, and health and wellness are just the tip of the iceberg of his endeavors.




Dan's Mission Statement – To mine, process and distribute Nevalite® Pure White Montmorilonite Clay crystal for the purposes of providing people with the best quality living healing clay found to date on earth, for the betterment of our health and our lives, to break free from the bondage of illness, to reclaim youthful energy and vitality, and more.

We are making history here! Join us!

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