How to use Nevalite® Pure White Montmorillonite Clay

Information, instructions, tips, videos, and recipes on how to use  Nevalite® Pure White Montmorillonite Healing Clay for your renewed health and vitality. 

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The History of Ingesting and Using Clay

Uses- Internal

Uses - External




The History of Ingesting and Using Clay

Many cultures have used clays in small amounts as part of a daily diet.

Traditionally many indigenous tribes utilize clayish water to prevent upset stomachs by dipping their food in clay solution while eating. (Today the main ingredient in Pepto-Bismol (bismuth) and Kaopectate is clay (kaolin)).

And in some parts of the world, clay particles naturally deposit in the local water supply (such as the area where the Hunzakuts live in Pakistan) have been consumed daily for a lifetime. People who live their entire lives in a location such as this live very long healthy lives with the clay particles being one factor.


Internal Use

In a modern society it is increasingly difficult to live a lifestyle that promotes true health. While understanding how best to utilize healing clay internally is important, the benefit can be achieved without modification to diet and lifestyle. However, for sustained health and maximum effect of clay, dietary considerations are recommended.

When introducing clay into the diet of an adult, there may be an adjustment period where some brief side effects may occur.

For example, constipation may occur. Clay taken internally does not cause constipation, but the overall condition of the body’s elimination system. It is not wise to stop clay use if constipation occurs, since this indicates that degenerative conditions are present in the digestive system, for which continued use of the clay can be therapeutic and beneficial.

Healing clay will seldom respond in synergy with unhealthy foods and an incorrect diet. For maximum benefit, both the liver and the elimination system need to be properly stimulated. Minimally the following foods should be reduced if not eliminated altogether.

- Soft drinks / carbonated beverages
- alcohol

When utilizing clays internally, it is equally important that the body is properly hydrated.

Use distilled or reverse osmosis water only. The crystals are like an old school car battery. If you use tap or mineralized water you reduce the potential of the crystals. Water that has impurities in it will use up the potential ionic substitutional value. Save that value for the toxins in your body.

TIP - If you do not have distilled water: 
Fill a gallon glass or plastic container with tap or mineralized water and add a level tablespoon of montmorillonite crystals. Agitate water vigorously to mix the crystals into the water. Allow the mix to settle for 45 minutes or more. There will be a sediment that falls to the bottom of the container. Via flocculation the crystals will remove fluoride, chlorine and heavy metals from the water and settle to the bottom. Gently poor the water back out of the container leaving that sediment at the bottom. Use the flocculated water for your desired use.

Do not use metal containers or utensils with Nevalite. The metal can negate the absorption qualities of Nevalite.

AS A DIETARY HEALTH SUPPLEMENT, to aid in all ways - the easiest way to consume is as Cloud Water.

CLOUD WATER: In one gallon of distilled water mix one teaspoon of Nevalite White Montmorillonite clay. Shake container until it is cloudy and drink (1) 6-ounce glass twice a day, two hours between meals and medication.



Bentonite and other clays are not to be taken internally:

  • concurrently with life-sustaining prescribed medications without careful medical supervision, since it may lessen the effects of the medications
  • by those with high blood pressure without proper supervision and other supportive treatment, because there can be brief spikes  in blood pressure.
  • by those with a clinically diagnosed iron intolerance (a rare condition) without seeing a lab analysis of the clay used or blood monitoring


External Use 

The crystals can be used externally as a salve, poultice, mask or when used dry, as a dusting powder for wounds and feet. 

INSECT BITES: Apply to affected area liberally and allow to dry. For this instance it is a good idea to leave dry for at least 15 minutes.

SMALL SCRAPS, ABRASIONS: Apply as a powder allowing the dry powder to draw bodily excretions and cover with a bandaid.

SORE MUSCLES, BRUISES & CRAMPS :  Make a poultice and apply to affected areas and keep moist for at least 30 minutes for sore muscles. Cramps will take less time.

TO MAKE A POULTICE/SALVE:  As a poultice, it aids the healing process, yielding incredible healing results.
Mix the powder with an equal volume of distilled water. For example you will need 1 ounce of distilled water to mix one ounce of montmorillonite crystals. Mix enough to cover the desired area of your body.

PACKS AND BODY WRAPS: Mix the crystal powder with purified or distilled water until you have a nice, smooth consistency (like a milkshake) and apply warm and liberally to your body. As long as it is wet it will work. Keeping it moist is a vital part of the application. You can cover it with saran wrap, cabbage leave, a moist cloth or paper towel. You can also use a spray bottle to keep it moist. As soon as it dries remove immediately. Left dry too long and it will also remove beneficial oils and organisms beneficial to your skin.

FACIAL MASK: As a mask, it has the ability to both moisturize, regenerate tissue and detoxify. 
Mix the crystals with purified or distilled water until you have a nice, smooth consistency (like a milkshake) heat in the microwave for about 15 seconds, and apply a thin layer to face and neck. Remove as soon as it dries. Do not leave on the face dry for any extended period of time.  When dry, rinse with warm water and gently pat dry. 

DETOXIFYING BATH: Add 4 tablespoons of crystals to a warm bath. Agitate the powder until fully mixed. When the temperature of the bath water is comfortable, immerse yourself in the tub for up to 20 minutes. Remember to stir the bath water all the time because the minerals are heavy and will continually sink to the bottom.  

FOOT POWDER: Apply powder to top and bottom of feet once in the morning, and once more before bed.   

HANGOVERS, UPSET STOMACH, FOOD POISONING, DIARRHEA : 1. Mix one teaspoon of the crystals in six oz of distilled water and drink. 2. make a small poultice and apply to the back of the head at the base of the skull, a dab on both temples and one dab in the middle of your forehead.

PROSTATE INFLAMMATION: Make a poultice and cover your testicles and the perineum ( the area between your scrotum and anus)  with the poultice and leave on for at least an hour. Ten applications in ten days provides the best relief. Apply when needed.



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