We are Energy Flowing to and From Posted on 1 Aug 11:52

Much like a circuit board in a computer, blood and lymphatic capillary flow is powered by radiations of light energy from the sun. Those radiations are in the Far Infrared spectrum between 3 and 24 um. When they are injured or worn out that energy flow is disrupted causing inflammation. The primary entity responsible for circulation of that energy is water. Water infused with this energy has been proven to circulate like electricity through a circuit board. The peak back body resonance of the human body is 9.4 um because of its water content.

Frequencies emitted from machines that match or are at least within the FWHM of 10um have proven to increase circulation of blood and lymph flow resulting in many health benefits. Despite the proven health benefits these machines are costly for the average consumer. They range from $6000.00 to $35000.00 and require extensive training to use them. Individual sessions are $200 plus and many are required. So how can we take advantage of this great medical discovery without having to pay that kind of money?