Super-Charged Montmorillonite Far Infrared Medicine Bag

$ 20.00

Relieves Pain! Promotes Healing! Enhanced BRAIN Activity!

Use on whatever part of the body you want healing energy in!

Super-charged Pink Montmorillonite Healing Clay Crystal Medicine bag

 Super-charged pink montmorillonite healing clay has higher far infrared light energy than even the white montmorillonite clay!


Product Description:
Rare Pink Montmorillonite Healing Clay Crystal nuggets sealed in jute bags.

Small Bag - there is great energy conductivity in the small super-charged Pink Montmorillonite Clay Crystal bag!
Portable! Carry it everywhere!

Large Bag is over 1.5 pounds of large raw super-charged Pink Montmorillonite Clay Crystal! Strong energy to energize healing for serious ailments




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