Montmorillonite Far Infrared Energy Necklace

$ 30.00

Super-Charged Pink Montmorillonite Healing Clay Crystal Far Infrared Energy Necklace - 

Rare pink montmorillonite healing clay crystal nugget has higher far infrared light energy than our Pure White Montmorillonite healing clay crystal.

Wearable health energizer! This is the real living healing clay! 

Relieves Pain! Promotes Healing! Enhanced BRAIN Activity!

Use on whatever part of the body you want healing energy in!

We have sealed the crystals to hold in compressed moisture from millions of years of cavern pressure. The energy is mother nature's battery! The wire cord transfers many times your body's natural energy. Similar to an old-school car battery charger. Only for your HEALTH!

Wipable naugahyde bag, soft wire strap, smooth fastening system, tripled bag for comfort and high-quality!

Your Choice of Black or Burgundy.

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