White Montmorillonite Clay Crystal Tooth Powder

$ 25.00

All Natural Pure White Calcium Montmorillonite clay powder to regenerate your teeth and gums. 

  • Restores the first stage of digestion witch starts in your mouth that is necessary for your stomach to receive nutrients.

  • It enables absorption of minerals into your blood stream via capillary action. Your stomach will finally receive foods partially digested as it should according to nature. 

  • Reduces the acidity, kills the harmful bacteria and virus that cause bad breath, tooth decay, cavities, gingivitis.

  • Promotes tissue growth to remineralize teeth and reverse damage. Bio-available calcium is released into your teeth and body.

  • It will also be beneficial for those with older fillings that release toxic metals as it magnetically bonds to them keeping it out of your system.

  • When swallowed will also coats and detoxifies all areas of digestive system: mouth, throat, stomach, intestines. 

  • Enters vital path of blood stream (through the gums) that enters heart and brain area first, providing vital nutrient boost to these areas.

What other product can do all that? Only Nevalite® White Montmorillonite Clay Crystal Tooth Powder!


Product Description: 4 oz / 300 mesh fine pink montmorillonite powder 


Use DISTILLED water only. Mix in lid of Nevalite® container enough for each use.
Keep at a creamy texture, not thick. Use Nevalite®  Cloud Water to rinse mouth and then swallow. 


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