Health Benefits of Using Nevalite® Pure White Montmorillonite Clay

Listed here are just some of the known health benefits to using Nevalite® Pure White Montmorillonite Clay, internally and externally. 

  • increase your body's ability to heal itself
  • increases blood and lymph flow through your capillaries, aiding cardiovascular health
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Changes the water in the blood giving it the ability to pass freely through areas of the body that are blocked due of various maladies. 
  • To assist in the removal of toxic substances in the digestive system, both chemical and pathological
  • Bacterial food poisoning, organic and inorganic toxicity
  • To cleanse the colon and promote proper bacterial balance in the intestines
  • It kills harmful candida, virus and removes fluoride, chlorine, lead, mercury, bromine, arsenic and cadmium.
  • To begin the process of detoxification of the liver
  • To stimulate liver function
  • As a part of short term cleansing programs used to promote good health
  • Critical to support external healing clay healing (pelotherapy)
  • Removal of heavy metals and recovery from chemical therapies and radiation
  • With special long term treatments, to increase T cell count and fix free oxygen in the blood stream
    • Reduction of free radical damage (anti-aging)
    • Improved immune system function
    • Improved cellular respiration
  • Improved digestive efficiency
  • Reduce food sensitivities (so-called developed allergies)
  • Stimulate healing by strengthening the body's general constitution
  • Purifies water to make safe to drink
  • Eliminates stomach upset and diarrhea
  • Aids wound healing and tissue regeneration
  • Detoxifies and softens the skin, pulling out impurities
  • improved eye sight, including macular degeneration
  • alleviates gout
  • clears skin disorders, including acne, psoriasis, shingles
  • treats arthritis
  • improves sex drive 
  • used to alleviate Lyme Disease

And so much more!!!!

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